Dare to Dream of a New Sri Lankan Order

Govt. goons attack LeN and Sirasa journalists at Katunayake Airport: they were attacked A second time with iron rods and clubs when they were returning

Lanka e news Journalist Shantha Wijesuriya and Sirasa Katunayake Airport reporter Premalal were attacked by hiring vehicle drivers and Airport employees when they were at the Katunayake Airport to cover the arrival of Left Front leader Dr. Wickremebahu Karunaratne who returned to Sri Lanka after his tour of UK.

This attack was launched on them while the police officers in uniform and ‘stars’ on their shoulders were watching.

Shantha Wijesuriya who sustained injuries on his head following the attack to his head had taken treatment.

These assailants have been instigated by a Govt. politico, it is learnt.

When Shantha Wijesuriya and the other journalists were returning in the Van after being attacked , about ten goons who had come in two cabs had obstructed their Van by parking their cabs across . They have then launched a vicious attack on the Van and the inmates with iron rods and clubs.

As the victims began screaming and shouting , the Van Driver who had the presence of mind had somehow managed to drive off the vehicle from the spot saving the lives of the victims.

Owing to the attack , the glass windscreens of the Van had all bee smashed to smithereens causing severe damage to the vehicle. At the time of the attack there had been three women passengers in the Van.

When the victims were leaving the Airport the Airport police had told them ‘ now we have given you security , you may now go without fear ’. However , when they were subject to attack on their way back , and when the inmates asked for security protection , the police spokesman Prishantha Jayakody had replied that he cannot do anything in that regard , and has asked them to seek assistance from the area police.

The media group had also told that as there are traffic blocks on the road , it is likely that these goons can come back again and attack them

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Dare to Dream of a New Sri Lankan Order